Monday, 17 July 2017

Are you getting TV sound issue with your Chromecast?

Have you recently bought a Chromecast device at home just to enjoy live streaming through online channels? If yes, then you might have successfully configured it on the device. If you have not configured the Chromecast setup yet, then you can log onto www Chromecast setup link from your smartphone or from your laptop.
Some of the existing users of Chromecast media streaming player have complained on the forum that they are getting the problem in listening to the sound when they tried to play some content over it. They also mentioned that the video is played smoothly but there is some problem with the sound. When they have cast their favorite movie over the big screen, then they were unable to listen to the sound of the characters. Some annoyed customers have even tried to solve this problem by resetting their Chromecast device but they didn’t get the success.
Today, we are going to provide the permanent fix to all those users who are getting the sound problem on TV with the Google Chromecast device. In case, you find any problem, you can take further Chromecast help from the online Chromecast official support link.

Fixing the audio problem

The very first troubleshooting step, which you can try with your Chromecast is just disconnect your Chromecast from the HDMI port of your TV and check whether the port is working or not. You can check this by connecting another device to the same port. If you find it faulty, then connect your Chromecast to the next port if available. These days, all smart TV’s come with the additional HDMI port. This will most probably solve your sound problem.
Another solution which you can try on your Chromecast device is; unplug the google cast extension or google cast app from the device and reconnect your device to it after a gap of 10 seconds. Use chrome browser to connect your Chromecast to the Chromecast app this time.
If you are among one of those unlucky users, who are still getting this annoying problem, then continue reading this post. We are going to provide another fix to you, which you can try out on your device.
Google chrome browser: Open the browser on your desktop and click on google cast extension given on the right top of window screen. You can do the same process on your laptop as well. For more help related to casting link, you can go to www Chromecast com setup link from your browser.
Now, select your device from the list of connected devices. You will find a list of all the devices connected to your computer right now in the drop down menu. Click on the right one and tap on ‘cast’ icon. You will now be able to listen to the TV sound along with the video contents.
Another approach: If any of the above-mentioned fixes doesn’t work on your device, then follow the steps mentioned below:
  1. Turn off your TV from the power socket for at least 5 minutes and plug in again into the power supply. This will refresh the TV memory.
  2. If you have connected your Chromecast to the TV via USB cable, then disconnect it and connect it directly to the power supply with the help of power adapter. The power adapter is available with the Chromecast packing. In case, you are not having the power adapter, then you can order it online from the shopping sites. After connecting the Chromecast to the power adapter, try watching contents through it. If your device gets reset during the whole process, then you can do the setup again from the www Chromecast com setup You will find complete details related to setup on this link.

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